Amosu Luxury iPhone 5 Cases

Amosu Luxury iPhone 5 Cases
Amosu Luxury iPhone 5 Cases | £600.00 |

now that you probably have the iPhone 5, it is time to think about protection it needs – with style. as usual, luxury goods maker and master of pimp-my-handset Amosu Couture, waste no time in presenting you with a very luxe up proposition: a complete bespoke iPhone 5 case in hand-stitched goodness, crafted based on your choice of design, material and personalization. iPhone 5 users with deep pockets will have the opportunity to choose from a range of luxurious leather, including crocodile, python, as well as ostrich, presented in a variety of color options including pink, burgundy, matt red, black, white, gold, and brown. and adding to its exclusivity and individualism, buyers can further personalize the case with their names or company’s logo, if desired. oh, if you find that just plain leather from whatever animal isn’t quite enough, there are also options to throw in some gold and/or diamonds to it. needless to say, the latter are price on request. as for the price for such luxurious indulgence, expect to shell out a cool £600 or around US$970, based on today’s going rate.

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