Hard Graft iPhone 5 Card Case

Hard Graft iPhone 5 Card Case
Hard Graft iPhone 5 Card Case | £55.00 | www.hardgraft.com

with the iPhone 5 being the official hottest handset this season, we will be seeing tons of makers coming forward with their popular cases/accessories adapted for it and the UK-based Hard Graft is no exception. we have always like Hard Graft’s iPhone Card Case (among the many others deliciously, wallet-crunching products that they have turned out over the last few years) and so, we are not surprised to see the iPhone 5 version coming along. the pretty damn fine looking Hard Graft iPhone 5 Card Case, as it is called, breaks away from the signature Hard Graft look of leather and wool felt construction, and instead it is presented in a beautiful slim, elongated, all-leather (in vegetable tanned Italian leather, no less) design. features include the usual thoughtful details such as cutout at the bottom of the case for ease of pushing the phone out or for charging your lovely iDevice without having to remove it from the case, plus an additional, separate pocket on the outside that’s good for a couple of credit cards and/or some bills. the Hard Graft iPhone 5 Card Case can be yours to own for £55 each (around US$89). as usual, beauty like this product deserves a few more closer look which you can find after the break.

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