The expression “at your fingertips” is used figuratively to refer to something that can be access easily. But one Nail Salon in Dubai, Lanour Beauty Lounge, has taken that expression literally.

Lanour Beauty Lounge Smart Nail

For 250 AED (about US$68), the fingernail beautifier will introduce Smart Nail to your precious keratin. The process seem simple enough. A super thin microchip is placed on the chosen nail and finished with a layer of glitter coating to cover up the tech. I mean, after all, it is pretty nail, not a microchip, you want to be seen toting around.

Lanour Beauty Lounge said a variety of data, including your WhatsApp contact detail, email address, Instagram or LinkedIn Profile and more, can be stored on the microchip. The chip uses near-field communication (NFC) to let you share data to another person. Obviously, the receiver has to use a smartphone with NFC feature.

Lanour Beauty Lounge Smart Nail

Future plans include letting user share other data and even pay for bills using the smart chip. It’s a NFC, so there’s no worry of being track or get hacked unless the device is within a centimeter or two. Then again, there are risks. That said, we are curious if the company will develop a RFID blocking slip for the one fingernail?

This beauty-meet-tech product has its caveat; it will only last for three weeks before a 150 AED follow-up application is required. Manicure of the already grown nail isn’t included in the said price, btw. However, as far as the Smart Nail goes, you get signed up for the annual membership for 1,000 AED that will have you covered for 12 applications.

Lanour Beauty Lounge Smart Nail
Lanour Beauty Lounge Smart Nail

Images: Instagram (@lanourbeauty).

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Hat tip: Luxury Launches/What’s On.

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