Emerald Downs Racetrack T-Rex Races

There’s human racing, horse racing, greyhound dog racing and then there is this: Tyrannosaur-rex, or T-rex, racing. You think we are joking? Well, the video below is a good enough prove that T-rex racing exists. The race, which took part by people dressed up in inflated T-Rex costume, even starts with the same starting stalls as used in horse racing. I think that qualifies it as an authentic T-rex race.

Emerald Downs Racetrack T-Rex Races
We are beginning to suspect the expression of this inflatable T-rex was made for this.

Though, I very much doubt that the ferocious prehistoric animal did race. The only running T-rexes did back in those days would had been chasing down preys. Anywho, the sight of these menacing “creatures” dashing down the groomed dirt racetrack in flopping manner was absolutely hilarious. The T-rex race was, as we have read, a filler race between actual, more serious horse racing over at Emerald Downs Racetrack in Auburn, Washington, U.S.A.

The racetrack body has been doing it since a couple of years ago and the recent one was the third year T-rexes have been seen sprinting down the track.

Skip ahead for the full video posted by YouTube channel Optimistic.


Images: Facebook (@EmeraldDownsRacetrack)/YouTube (Optimistic).

Source: npr.