As a business owner, it’s essential to know you’re getting the most out of your employees. Therefore, determining which workplace practices get employees more productive is an important and effective part of creating a successful business.

Stop The Micromanaging

Micromanaging is one of the biggest productivity killers. It creates an environment where employees feel like they’re not trusted, making them less likely to take the initiative or make mistakes. Instead of micromanaging, set clear goals and expectations, then trust your employees to meet those goals independently.

Facilitate Career Growth

People who feel like they’re growing professionally are more engaged and motivated than people who don’t. If you want your employees to be more productive, share your vision with them and help them grow into that vision. Companies like Info-Tech Systems Integrators believe that the success of a business is driven by the quality of the systems it uses and developed.

Make Work Environments More Fun

Studies show that happy people work harder than unhappy people—and that’s because happy people are more productive. Ensure your office has flexible seating options so employees can choose whether they want to sit or stand during their day; provide fresh fruit instead of sugary snacks; let employees decorate their decks however they’d like.

Cross-train Employees

Cross-training allows employees to learn how other roles operate within the company. If someone needs time off or leaves voluntarily or involuntarily, another employee will be able to do their tasks. Cross-training employees allows them to expand their knowledge base so that they can be more flexible and adaptable within your organization and save money.

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Encourage Productive Breaks

The most effective way to increase your employees’ productivity is to set aside time for breaks at the beginning of the day. This will help them recharge and refocus on their work, which means they’ll be more productive when they return from their break. You can also encourage adequate breaks by providing healthy snacks in the office or allowing employees to take afternoon naps.

Have Flexible Schedules

If your company has multiple employees who work remotely, consider giving them flexible schedules so they can set their hours. This helps everyone stay on track with their work and ensures that no one is left behind because they’re working night shifts or have childcare responsibilities that prevent them from being able to come into the office during regular business hours.

Encourage Teamwork

Encouraging team collaboration can be an effective way to boost employee efficiency and productivity by increasing collaboration among all employees working on the same project together. This can lead directly to increased output and better quality output since everyone has input into what happens next in terms of production processes or other related tasks.


Increasing employee efficiency and productivity doesn’t have to be a complex process. Small changes in the workplace can have a significant, positive impact on worker performance and, thus, productivity levels. From encouraging social interaction to implementing stress-relieving programs to boosting morale, there’s no shortage of ways employers can help improve employees’ satisfaction levels and increase the value they bring to a business.

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