You have heard of robot vacuum that also does mopping, now meet the cordless vacuum that vacuums and mops at the same time from Xiaomi’s sub brand Roidmi. Called Roidmi Nex Storm, the magic is made possible by an attachment called Magic Mop Box. Magic Mop Box is magnetic mopping component, which has an integrated 180 ml water reservoir and a replacement microfiber, attaches magnetically to the brush head to allow two actions in one swift stroke. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Roidmi Nex Storm Cordless Vacuum with Mop

The Mop Box further features a thing known as Intelligent Slow Drip that ensure the right amount of water is introduced to the pad for a perfect mop. Somehow it feels like Roidmi is taking an existing cordless vacuum and slapping it with the Mop Box to make a different product. Well, it is not the case, apparently. Roidmi Nex Storm also touts an innovative magnetic wireless charger that will make Dyson’s method seem low tech.

It further boast new generation of Engine-X brushless motors that spin at up to 110,000 rpm and a new air flow tunnel system that enable suction power of up to 140 AW and 23.5 Kpa. It has a battery system made up of eight 2,500 mAh Samsung 18650 lithium cells that, together with BMS-X Battery Management System, provides up to 60 minutes of operation on per full charge. All these are packed inside a familiar design with the-now Roidmi standard L-handle for easy handling at any angle and at a super lightweight package of just 3.3 lbs (1.5 kilograms).

When connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, you can leverage on Roidmi Intelligent Life app to check on battery status and usage, balance usable time, cleaning time, filter capacity, and receive alerts when it is time to clear out the vacuum. The latter is kind of extra since you will be able to tell the level of dirt capacity at a glance. Surely, you don’t need an app to tell you that, right? Just saying… Finally, it an obvious attempt to outdo its competitors, Roidmi is offering every Nex Storm with a 2-Year Warranty and Battery Replacement Service, so in the event that the battery’s performance deteriorates, you could get it replaced.

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Once again, Roidmi has taken to Indiegogo launch the product where you can pre-order a unit for just $299. It is on flexible goal, which means is a pre-order campaign which will be fulfilled in September 2019.

Roidmi Nex Storm Cordless Vacuum with Mop

Images: Roidmi.

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