if you think home security system couldn’t be simpler. think again, or at least that’s what the Canary Smart Home Security Device wants you to think. before we proceed, it is important that you get rid of the notion of cumbersome CCTV and video recording rigs, cos’ the Canary is anything but. it is just a lone, cylindrical device (beautiful, no less) that packs in a HD camera, a microphone, night vision capability, and sensors including temperature, motion detection. humidity and air quality sensors. the idea is to provide a one-stop security solution, so to speak, that’s quite a no-brainer to use. in another word, a device that just works. no fumbling with cabling, complicated setup or whatsoever. it is an all-in-one home security solution that provides you with video feeds and sensor readouts to your Android or iOS device in real time. the device detects abnormality in your home and alert you when say, there’s an sudden surge in temperature which could indicate potential fire, or motion or sound detected when apparently there isn’t anyone home.

the beauty about this product is, it is offered with the full range of feature set which you can turn on and off to fit your needs. and when being alert, you can can decide what to do like call on your neighbor to check in, or maybe dial the police, or simply fire off the siren. oh yes. it does have a built in siren. the proposition – from the industrial design to the promised functionalities – all seems like too big a draw not to be in it and the project’s INDIE GOGO campaign result to date is a prove of this and also a prove that this is really what people wants. you can grab yours from Canary INDIE GOGO campaign page for an early adopter price of $199. if you are feeling generous, you can chip in more ($249 to be exact) for a Canary in matte black or silver finish. learn more about the Canary in the pitch video after the break.

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Canary via Engadget

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