VW bus is an icon that, when turned into a towable cooler, is without question, super cool. But 300 bucks for a Volkswagen T1 Bus cooler is a bit much for some. Thankfully, there is this: Limited Edition Volkswagen Bus Igloo Coolers.

Limited Edition Volkswagen Bus Igloo Coolers

Granted the Limited Edition Volkswagen Bus Igloo Coolers does not have wheels or has the exact form of the world famous VW bus for you tow it around, but the representation is pretty spot on nonetheless.

Found on these limited edition coolers are graphics inspired by the classic Volkswagen Type 2 microbuses. There are three designs to choose from, each selling for US$49.99.

Limited Edition Volkswagen Bus Igloo Coolers

The coolers are, of course, based on Igloo Coolers’ Playmate series, sporting the trademarked tent-top design with a push-button lid design.

The cooler itself is a classic and with Volkswagen bus in the mix, it makes it more, well, classic.

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Images: Igloo Coolers.

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