In addition to the unveiling of the Bentley EXP 100 GT Concept to mark the marque’s centennial, Bentley Motors have also introduced a limited edition Bentley Centenary Golf Clubs. You heard that right. A Golf set and like its car prices, only those with big, fat bank account need apply. But more on that latter.

Limited to just 100 sets, the Bentley Golf Centenary Set of Golf Clubs is inspired by the new Continental GT and boasts distinctive diamond knurling on the club grips, iconic haunch exterior styling-line across the club heads, and technical carbon-fiber finish featuring centenary gold details. The latter is a nod to the gold details that appear on every Bentley built during this special year.

It is worthy to mention that the gold isn’t overbearing, though. In other words, it is nothing ostentatious which is kind of nice. The clubs are made from carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum, and each club is individually numbered, while the tour bag and head covers also features real carbon fiber with, you guessed it, Centenary Gold detailing as the clubs.

In addition, as a homage to the marque’s earlier years, replicas of the unique wheel center caps from the EXP Sped 8 winning Le Mans car can also be found adorning both the wood heads and grip end caps. The Bentley Golf Centenary Set includes the entire suite of irons, wedges, woods, putter and rounding up with a tour bag.

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Speaking of the tour bag… in addition to the aforementioned carbon fiber with Centenary Gold accents, the bag also features internal pockets with distinctive diamond quilting pattern just like Bentley cars, and like the clubs, each bag is individually serialized and further boosts hand-stitched Centenary logo.

As expected, such exclusivity does not come cheap. Expect to shell out £12,000 (around US$15,000) for each set. Ouch. Man, 15K for a golf set is really excessive. For the beauty and how much it costs, I doubt anyone will want to bring it to the fairway. Plus, lets not forget that there’s only 100 sets available. So, it is kind of a collectors’ thing too and so, you probably don’t want to mar the club in anyway whether you filthy rich or not.

Bentley Golf Centenary Set of Golf Clubs

All images courtesy of Bentley Motors.

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