Colorware iPhone 5

Colorware iPhone 5 colors - sample family
Colorware iPhone 5 | from US$1,700.00 |

how do you stand out from the other millions of iPhone 5 users? simple. custom it all over (except for the display, of course) with the colors of your choice and the odds of your iPhone 5 looking like the next dude’s is almost zero. we said ‘almost‘. actually, that doesn’t really matters as what most important is that it will be in the color or colors that you love. choose between black & slate or white & silver handset and start customizing everything from the top back, bottom back, middle back panel and frame, home button and even the SIM card tray, with a selection of colors available from the Colorware’s palette. as always, you can do this in real time and mix & match to your heart’s content before putting a grand $1,700 for it and wait for five weeks before it gets to you. well, it may not be sealed with gold or embellished with crystals or precious stones but your creativity may turn out a one-of-the-kind iPhone 5. check out some color examples after the break.

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