Nissin Foods’ Cup Noodle has achieved cult status and becomes an icon in itself. How else would there have a Nissin Cup Noodle model kit right? Anyhoo, the model kit is just one of the many non-food merch from the instant cup noodle giant which now also has toy cars too – thanks to this unlikely collaboration between Nissin Foods and Tomy’s Tomica.

Takara Tomy Dream Tomica Cup Noodle Collection

Joining the Dream Tomica toyline is the Dream Tomica Cup Noodle Collection and yes, the name pretty much said it all, the collection is cup noodles on wheels. For the uninitiated, Dream Tomica features fantasy cars that are often based on licensed characters as opposed to real cars like the regular Tomica toyline.

Each car from the Dream Tomica Cup Noodle Collection features the iconic cup noodle with familiar details like the logo, and the nutritional and allergy information on the exterior. You’d be forgiven to think that they are real cup noodles if not for the size, which is just 35 mm (1.38 inches) wide and 41 mm (1.61 inches) tall, and the obvious vertical separation line on the cup.

Takara Tomy Dream Tomica Cup Noodle Collection

Like the actual cup noodles, the cup noodle on wheels also has a two-tab lid to facilitate the opening of the lid which opens up to reveal the ingredients in the cup. The ingredients vary on the model of the Dream Tomica Cup Noodle. Speaking of which, there are seven models in the series, comprising six flavors along with one “Dream Tomica No.161 Cup Noodle W Tab” aka the original cup noodle model.

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The die-cast car looks like a cup noodle on a trolley with four wheels except that it has a window that lets you have a peek inside the “cabin”.

The six flavors will be sold in blind boxes while the original cup noodle version is being sold separately which is kind of nice because you don’t have to call on lady luck to get the classic version.

The Dream Tomica Cup Noodle Collection will sell for 880 yen (around US$6.16) each when they become available in September. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Takara Tomy Dream Tomica Cup Noodle Collection
Takara Tomy Dream Tomica Cup Noodle Collection

Images: Tomica [JP].

via SoraNews24.

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