Nissin Gaming Cup Noodle and Gaming Curry Meshi

You have heard of gaming energy drinks but I bet you never heard of gamer noodles. Well, believe it or not, it is a thing now. Cup noodle giant Nissin has revealed a caffeinated version of its famous noodles in Japan for gamers, aptly called Gaming Cup Noodle. In fact, noodle is not alone; there is also an instant rice-based meal, the Gaming Curry Meshi.

Nissin Gaming Cup Noodle and Gaming Curry Meshi

Instant cup noodle needs no introduction. It contains instant noodles, broth, and toppings, all contained in a cup, ready to be eaten after soaking in boiling water for 3 minutes. Curry Meshi, however, is relatively new. It contains a rice-based meal and requires five minutes of soaking in boiling water instead.

Anyhoo, Nissin is targeting gamers who need their stomach filled quickly and also giving them the energy they need to conquer the game with Gaming Cup Noodle Energy Garlic & Black Peper Yakisoba and Gaming Curry Meshi Energy Ginger Keema Curry.

Nissin is calling these products the “strongest buff mesh” (“buff meal”) for gamers. In gaming, “buff” means an improvement of a gamer’s power in attack, defense, movement and whatnot. This Energy Instant Food will give gamers a real-life buff, though it does not guarantee you will win. If you lose a game, you’d only be super clear-headed that you did lose.

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Nissin Gaming Cup Noodle and Gaming Curry Meshi

The Gaming Cup Noodle contains seasoned minced pork referred to as “mystery meat”, along with shrimp, egg, cabbage, garlic, and black pepper with a pepper soy sauce-based sauce. The Gaming Curry Meshi, on the other hand, features a fragrant and spicy roux with mild ginger and an onion, tomato, and pork base.

However, instead of the usual broth, the Gamer Cup Noodle is yakisoba which is fried noodles served with sauce. Similarly, the Gamer Curry Meshi is sauce-based, thus allowing gamers to consume them with minimal mess.

Distinguishing the Energy Instant Meals from other regular instant noodles or Curry Meshi is a unique psychedelic packaging that screams energy!

The Gaming Cup Noodle and Gaming Curry Meshi will go on sale in Japan starting September 18, priced at 280 yen a pop (about US$1.90).

Nissin Gaming Cup Noodle and Gaming Curry Meshi

Images: Nissin [JP].

via SoraNews24.