It looks like Razer Toaster isn’t the only Razer April’s Fools prank-turned-real. We can now add energy drink to the list too. Razer had teased of a product called “RESPAWN” on Twitter a couple of days ago and on June 10, the gaming lifestyle company revealed that RESPAWN is in fact an energy drink. Razer is referring it as “performance drink” designed specifically for gamers with input from gaming influencers and pro esports athletes.

RESPAWN Performance Drink by Razer

The beverage is described as mental performance drink mix crafted to support focus, reaction time, and mental stamina with attention paid to taste, of course. RESPAWN is not directly managed by Razer, though. It is sold and managed by a standalone spin-off from Razer, complete with dedicated corporate entity and team focuses on bringing mental performance to gamers.

RESPAWN by Razer is offered in four sugar-free flavors, namely, pomegranate watermelon, blue raspberry, tropical pineapple and green apple. Ingredients used include green tea extract, choline, B vitamins, and modest amount of caffeine (95 mg) as compared to other energy drinks in the market. RESPAWN Performance Drink is available immediately in the U.S. in boxes containing 20 individual stick packs.

RESPAWN Performance Drink by Razer

Optionally, you can purchase the RESPAWN shaker cup for mixing and consuming the energy drink. The shaker cup features a dual insulated matte black stainless-steel shell, a locking cap with a leak-proof seal and a built-in grate on the underside of the cap to ensure a complete mixing of powder. The shaker cup retails for $29.99 while the RESPAWN “mental performance drink mix” goes for $24.99 for a 20-pack box. Skip ahead for the promo video.

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All images courtesy of RESPAWN/Razer.

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