Russia Butt Slapping Championships

If you think men rushing to climb slippery poles or hurl tomatoes at each other is absolutely bizarre, well, I guess you ain’t see nothing yet. Back in March, Russia made headlines for its super weird Male Slapping Championships. Yes. You heard that right. A competition where men slap each other silly. That was one weird competition but even weirder is, there is a female version called “The Booty Slapping Championships.” Yep, twerking is not weird anymore.

Russia Butt Slapping Championships

As the name implies, the competition is about slapping on each other’s butt until one of the them gets knock off balance. Wait, what? How? Now, I am not an expert in butt slapping, but I can imagine trying to knock a person off balance by slapping on the person’s behind is not as easy as it sounds. I mean, you probably need to have the strength of Hulk (or in this case She-Hulk) to slap a person’s bottom and making her go off-balance.

Beside being bizarre and all, I must say this butt-slapping thing is a rather boring “sport” to watch. Don’t believe? Well, just have a look at the video below. Let me know if you even pass the two minute mark. Man, the world is getting weirder by the day. I highly suspect this competition was born out of someone’s fetish to see women slapping each other’s butt and TBH, it does feel a little sexist to me.

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Images: YouTube (ВСЕГО ПОНЕМНОГУ).

Source: RT.