Do you like Mayo? Oh, you do? Then, do you like your Mayonnaise chilled? Like, you know, ice cream kind of chill? Well, if you do (which honestly, I think hardly anyone would), then you maybe (just maybe) the Hellman’s Mayonnaise flavored ice cream is right up your very narrow and possibly bizarre alley. Yup. That’s right. Mayonnaise Ice Cream is a thing now and it is being served up in Scotland by an artisan ice cream parlor called ICE Falkirk.

That right there is really a holy sh… and if it isn’t blasphemy… OK. I really shouldn’t be so extreme. I should not discriminate people with acquired taste. I really shouldn’t. In case the above image isn’t a clear enough hint, this “exquisite” cold sweet treat is literally a result of mixing the said brand of Mayonnaise with ice cream. There’s no rocket science to it. It is just Mayo forced into an unholy matrimony with most human beings’ favorite cold, sweet dessert.

I can’t even begin to imagine how it taste like. There is a video of it being made and served to someone (possibly the cameraman). Anyways, ICE Falkirk is no stranger in creating bizarre ice cream flavors. The Monster Energy Ice Cream is another.

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Image: ICE Falkirk.

Source: Geekologie.

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