Gestures and touch control on true wireless earbuds are a norm. However, with the upcoming TWS earbuds from Mobvoi, it also uses a novel way taking and rejecting calls – in addition to gestures and touches.

Mobvoi Earbuds Gesture True Wireless Earbuds

The earbuds, called Mobvoi Earbuds Gesture, will feature TicMotion technology, allowing you to nod twice to pick up calls or shaking your head twice to reject a call. OK. Not going to lie. I was almost laughing when I was writing this.

While it may be useful when your hands are tied, but this head nodding and shaking may just make the wearer look comical.

In case you are into abrupt shaking or nodding your head, touch controls can be used to managed calls too. Fortunately, music controls are through touch control.

Mobvoi Earbuds Gesture True Wireless Earbuds

Not a lot of information regarding the “Mobvoi Earbuds Gesture” is available at this moment. What we do know now is, it will have dual-mic for noise isolation, promised “high-quality audio”, and it will a total of 50 hours of playback time.

The earphones alone provides up to 10 hours of continuous playback. There is some kind fast charging too, with 10 minutes of charging will yield 4 hours of playback time.

Sadly, Mobvoi is continuing with the stem design which I am not a big fan of. Mobvoi will be taking its new TWS earbuds to Indiegogo. However, pricing is not known at this point. If you are interested, you may want to get yourself onto the email list to have a short at the so-called super early bird discount.

Mobvoi Earbuds Gesture True Wireless Earbuds

Images: Mobvoi.

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