Toyota Crown Unveiled With An Unconventional-For-Crown Look

Toyota Century is not the only line of luxury rides designed to be chauffeur-driven; there is also the Crown. The Toyota Crown namesake is over 10 years older than the Century. However, it is not quite a full-size luxury automobile; it is a mid-size luxury car that used to share the Century’s squarish form – …

Mercedes-Maybach Launches Its First Plug-in Hybrid Model

Electrification has not caught on with Mercedes-Maybach like the main Mercedes-Benz marque. But that changes recently with the Mercedes-Maybach S 580 e Plug-in Hybrid. OK. It is not a fully electric vehicle but the Mercedes-Maybach S 580 e, according to Daniel Lescow, Head of Mercedes-Maybach at Mercedes-Benz Group AG, is a pivotal step towards an …

2023 BMW 7 Series Announced, Includes Hybrids And An Electric Vehicle

This is the new 2023 BMW 7 Series and it is a special series because, both its six and eight-cylinder engines now feature 48V mild-hybrid technology, and for the first time, it includes an all-electric i7 xDrive60. That’s right plug-in hybrid AND a fully electric model in the lineup.

Rolls-Royce Introduces Black Badge Ghost Luxury Sedan

In spite of some claims that certain color is the new black, black will remain the black. I mean, the black colorway is a symbol of sophistication with a hint of mystery to it. There is something timeless about this color. And if you share this belief, then we are sure the Rolls-Royce Black Badge …

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Electric Sedan: The S-Class Of Electric Vehicle

If you take a closer look at the electric vehicle market, they are mostly mid-size sedans and SUVs. Never large size sedan – much less large size, mainstream luxury sedan. Well that changes recently when Mercedes-Benz EQ, the BEV arm of German luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz, introduced the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS.

Meet The World’s First Electric Classic Rolls-Royce Cars And Yes, They Are Up For Grab

The maturity of electric drive has prompted many automobile workshops to revive classics with electric drivetrain. Many classics with the likes of Land Rover Defender have seen electrification and you know what? Now, even Rolls-Royce too. Not just any Rolls-Royce, mind you. Classic Rolls-Royces.

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