Italian automaker Maserati celebrates its sporting heritage and pays homage to Maria Teresa De Filippis, the first woman to qualify for a Formula 1 Grand Prix, with Maserati FTRIBUTO Special Edition.

Maserati FTRIBUTO Special Edition

Available for Ghibli and Levante in two exclusive colors: Arancio Devil (orange) and Grigio Lamiera (gray), the Maserati FTRIBUTO Special Edition offers eye-catching details and sporty aesthetics.

For example, in the Arancio Devil livery, the Levante FTributo comes with 21” Anteo wheels or 21” Titano wheels for the Ghibli FTributo in the new Grigio Opaco color.

The wheel rim details come in cobalt blue, including the specific badge on the fender and the Trident logo on the C-pillar. For the Grigio Lamiera, the wheel color is Glossy Black, while the details, the specific badge, and the Trident logo are presented in striking orange.

Maserati FTRIBUTO Special Edition

On the inside, the shades of the exterior finishes are taken up in the cobalt blue and orange stitching, paired with black or orange and natural PienoFiore (Full-Grain) leather.

There is really nothing much to it, really. Except that the orange is a devil that stole my heart. It is especially good-looking on the Levante, IMHO. And the Grigio Lamiera Ghibli is no less a devil either with the gray paint job and contrasting orange details.

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You can learn more about the Maserati FTRIBUTO Special Edition HERE.

Maserati FTRIBUTO Special Edition

All images courtesy of Maserati.

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