CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet

Show your love for the little marble we live on with the CIGA Design Mechanica Watch Series U Blue Planet. A winner of the 2021 GPHG Challenge Watch Prize, the centerpiece of this unique timepiece is without question the globe that took up the majority of the dial. The globe, which is presented as a dome, is an art piece that pays homage to our lovely planet and also serves to tell the time.

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet

As an art piece, CIGA Design Mechanica Watch Series U Blue Planet features the landform of the Earth created using micro-carving tech which shows the relief of this beautiful planet. And as a timekeeper, it rotates to indicate the hour with the compass serving as the hour hand. The globe actually rotates with each revolution representing a day, just like it is with the planet Earth.

There are two rings. The outer ring is the hour, which is fixed, and the inner ring is the minute scale which is dynamic. The timepiece actually associates a single Earth revolution with a day which is what makes this watch so unique. That’s not the most clever part, IMHO.

The most clever part is, whenever the compass aka the hour hand is pointed is the hour and the corresponding scale on the inner ring tell the minutes of the moment. Clever. Very clever. This unique way of timekeeping is dubbed asynchronous follow-up technology. It is not hard to see how it bag the award.

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet
Earth Day Edition is pictured here.

The unique clockwork is encased in an oval titanium alloy (or steel) case and before rounding up with a sapphire crystal dome that perfectly illustrates our atmosphere and the protection it offers to us.

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With the CIGA Design Mechanica Watch Series U Blue Planet, you’d feel like you are an astronaut looking down at this beautiful blue planet.

A few other highlights include a screw-down crown, a lug-free design, a breathable fluororubber strap, 3 ATM or 30-meter water resistance, and CIGA Design self-design mechanical movement.

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet

There are three versions available: Steel, Titanium, and Earth Day Edition. The former two are pretty self-explanatory. The Earth Day Edition, on the other hand, is a collaboration with The Earth Day Organization, which include a special edition gift box to put environmental protection into action.

It combines the watch and pendant using environmentally friendly decoration. Details are as follows:

1. Recycled titanium eco-friendly reflective case
The case is made of more expensive and more environmentally friendly recycled titanium material. Reduce carbon pollution, and contribute your effort to protect our blue home. The case is polished and brushed to present a beautiful glossy texture.

2. EDO-Protect our Blue earth theme pendant
A continuation of the “Blue Planet”-themed custom necklace. The beauty of the planet is presented through the environmentally friendly glue-dropping process. Starting from this moment, take responsibility for our beautiful home.

3. Blue Planet – World Earth Day Limited Edition Logo on Bottom Cap
Environment-friendly screen printing, environmental protection on the wrist.

4. World Earth Day Organization Logo Fluororubber Strap
Pliable and fitting, anti-microbial and wear-resisting dial Integrated color and natural texture strap.

5. Packaging is made of recyclable materials

Implement the concepts of sustainable development in every detail.EDO exclusive logo and theme slogan. Upholding the ideal of “Proud to be part of the World Earth Day Or-ganizationAiming to become a brilliant opportunity for all to practice sustainable development.

CIGA Design Mechanica Watch Series U Blue Planet can be had for US$1,398. Not cheap but CIGA Design is having a Black Friday sale where CIGA Design is taking 20% off.

Images: CIGA Design.