If you love ice cream as much as boba tea (or bubble tea as it is known in most parts of Asia) and you will be hitting up Japan soon, then you are in for cool treat because, Lipton Milk Tea Ice Cream is now a thing.

Can’t fathom what the hell is Lipton Milk Tea Ice Cream? Well, it is basically boba tea, with Lipton tea as the based, of course, in ice cream form.

Lipton Tea Boba Tea Ice Cream

There are two layers to it: a hard outer layer encasing a softer, cream-like inside. Both layers are of milk tea flavor. But boba tea ain’t complete without chewy tapioca pearls which this odd icy confectionery has on the inside.

Lipton Milk Tea Ice Cream is a collaborative frozen treat between Unilever Japan and Japanese ice cream manufacturer Akagi Dairy.

Lipton Milk Tea Ice Cream is available since November 18, 2019, in Japan where you can pick up one for just 104 yen (roughly 96 cents).

Lipton Tea Boba Tea Ice Cream

Images: Akagi Dairy.

Source: Akagi Dairy via 9GAG.

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