Ever find yourself digging through the dark abyss of a bag for your Apple AirPods? We feel you. We may have gotten rid of one problem (i.e tangle cable), but we also find ourselves facing with new found woes.

With the KILLSPENCER AirPods Keychain, however, your precious true wireless earbuds will less likely ended up at the Lost and Found (that’s if you are lucky!). Plus, it will always be within reach since it lets you use the AirPods as a keychain.

KILLSPENCER AirPods Keychain

Crafted from full-grain leather in its most natural form possible, KILLSPENCER AirPods Keychain features a low profile design that fits perfectly around your Apple AirPods charging case while a key ring attached to a sturdy piece of leather completes the keychain functionality.

It is a simple, yet classy solution to newfound problems. We love the attention to the details. Details like the expertly hand-stitched edges, the reinforced hole on the leather where the key ring is attached to, and also a tiny hole that lets the status light of the AirPods charging case shines through.

KILLSPENCER AirPods Keychain

KILLSPENCER AirPods Keychain is designed and made specifically for AirPods 1st-generation and 2nd-generation, as well as the new AirPods Pro.

Interested? You can pick up the KILLSPENCER AirPods Keychain from KILLSPENCER website for $35 a pop.

KILLSPENCER AirPods Keychain

All images courtesy of KILLSPENCER.

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