Limited-edition Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism Luxury Sedan

Can you imagine a Rolls-Royce automobile presented in a color you love, however bold it may be, and has a matching color interior to boot? Well, imagine no more because the new, limited-edition Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism is one such bespoke ride that is offered up as a blank canvas to let you unleash your creativity.

Limited-edition Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism Luxury Sedan

Celebrating its 120 years this year, the British marque has introduced the Ghost Prism, a motor car that reflects the personal aesthetics of a specific subset of its influential and trend-setting clientele. With a focus on contemporary luxury, the Ghost Prism features dark, neutral tones with bold color accents, inspired by the emerging aesthetic movement in design.

The car’s exterior boasts a Gunmetal grey finish, achieved through a detailed 10-step painting process, and high-gloss Burnout for the grille and rear-lid brightwork, offering a modern twist to classic elements. Clients can choose from four accent colors (Phoenix Red, Turchese, Mandarin, and Forge Yellow) for exterior and interior detailing, including the Bespoke Starlight Headliner’s 1,040 colored ‘stars’.

Limited-edition Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism Luxury Sedan

Limited to just 120 examples worldwide, the Ghost Prism celebrates Rolls-Royce’s 120th anniversary in 2024, catering to the tastes of connoisseurs seeking a balance between boldness and subtlety in their luxury vehicles.

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No specs were offered with the press release and neither did the product page say anything about what goes under the hood. But hey, it is a Rolls-Royce, do you need to know what powers it? Probably not because the power plant is never the focus when it comes to a Rolls-Royce automobile. Never.

Anyhoo, my gut tells me that the 120 units have already been spoken for. I could be wrong, though. In any case, you may learn more about this exquisite spirit of ecstasy HERE

Images: Rolls-Royce.