The World’s Most Powerful Car From 1977, Powered By A Spitfire Engine, Is Going On The Block

750 bhp is not a rare power output in automobiles these days. Supercars and hypercars regularly achieve this output or even more. However, 27L (!) is not the usual capacity you find in a regular engine. 27,000cc is exactly the capacity of the engine powering 1972 John Dodd’s The Beast you see here.

Scalextric 2023 Range Includes James Bond’s Submarine Car And Thunderbirds FAB-1

Collecting scale models is a way of achieving your dream of owning multiple cars – even the rarest models of all – without breaking the bank or owning a Port Authority Bus Terminal-size building to hold them all. But here’s the thing: you will not be able to drive these cars. The solution? Scalextric.

This Is Spectre. Rolls-Royce’s First Fully-Electric Motor Car

The 2023 Rolls-Royce Spectre Electric Vehicle has no relation to the 007. And while it is the British luxury carmaker’s first full-size electric vehicle, it is technically not its first BEV. Also, it should not be confused with the equally stunning custom-built Rolls-Royce Silver Spectre. Damn it, how did Niels Van Roij Design foresee that …

Rolls-Royce ‘Spirit of Innovation’ Is Not Just The World’s Fastest Electric Plane But The World’s Fastest Electric Vehicle

When aircraft engine maker Rolls-Royce introduced the project plane ACCEL, it has a vision of becoming the world’s fastest all-electric aircraft. Fast forward to November 2021, the project plane, now dubbed “Spirit of Innovation”, is not only the world’s fastest electric aircraft but is also the world’s fastest electric vehicle of any kind.

Rolls-Royce Introduces Black Badge Ghost Luxury Sedan

In spite of some claims that certain color is the new black, black will remain the black. I mean, the black colorway is a symbol of sophistication with a hint of mystery to it. There is something timeless about this color. And if you share this belief, then we are sure the Rolls-Royce Black Badge …

You Can Have A Piece Of Rolls-Royce Boat Tail With These Timepieces by BOVET 1822

Clearly, not everyone – even the richest of the rich – is fortunate enough to own a Rolls-Royce Boat Tail. However, if you are super rich, you can own a piece of this bespoke coachbuild example on your wrist, or table, or pocket. Because, Boat Tail timepieces.

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