Toyota Century is not the only line of luxury rides designed to be chauffeur-driven; there is also the Crown. The Toyota Crown namesake is over 10 years older than the Century. However, it is not quite a full-size luxury automobile; it is a mid-size luxury car that used to share the Century’s squarish form – a form synonymous with Japanese chauffeur-driven cars but that has recently with the latest iteration.

2024 Toyota Crown Luxury Sedan

Last week, Toyota introduced a new line of Crown models that mark a departure from traditional sedans and represent a “Crown for a new era.” The first of these models, the Crossover, combines the qualities of a sedan and an SUV, catering to diverse customer values and lifestyles. In addition to the Crossover, Toyota decided to revisit the original Crown’s sedan roots and created a new Sedan type that redefines traditional sedan design.

The new Crown Sedan offers excellent ride comfort and a high-quality driving experience, making it suitable for both personal and business purposes. With a long wheelbase and wide body, it provides spacious rear seating, catering to chauffeured cars’ needs. The interior focuses on mature sensibilities, featuring a spacious cabin and soothing indirect lighting. 

To align with the goal of a hydrogen-powered society, Toyota introduced an FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) version of the flagship Crown Sedan that emits no CO2 during operation. This FCEV option complements the existing HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) version, providing customers with more choices while contributing to the popularization of electrified vehicles and carbon neutrality.

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2024 Toyota Crown Luxury Sedan

The Z [FCEV] features Toyota’s 2nd generation Fuel Cell system. It is the same high-performance fuel-cell system as the Mirai is used which is capable of around 820 kilometers per three-minute hydrogen refill. Meanwhile, the Z [HEV] is the first Toyota automobile to be powered by a newly developed 2.5L multi-stage hybrid system. It features an engine and two motors which, combined with stepped gears, enable a driving torque that supports acceleration from all speed ranges.

Both engines are rear-wheel drive, and both versions’ electric systems can serve as an external power supply, providing electricity to homes or electrical appliances in emergencies.

The Crown Sedan boasts an elegant and modern design, emphasizing a “new formal” look that avoids the typical sedan design which looks absolutely stunning. If I can be honest, it has a hint Lamborghini look to it. It features flowing proportions, a distinctive front grille, and taillights that emphasize its wide stance. Inside, the design follows an island architecture concept, providing a spacious and inviting cabin with Japanese-inspired illumination.

2024 Toyota Crown Luxury Sedan

The vehicle offers six color options, catering to formal and personal preferences. A three-meter wheelbase ensures spacious rear seats, and the suspension system minimizes road unevenness, providing excellent ride comfort.

Overall, the new Crown Sedan represents a departure from traditional sedan design, offering a versatile and eco-friendly vehicle with a focus on elegance, comfort, and utility. 

The new Toyota Crown Luxury is set to launch on November 13 [JP] with a starting of 8,300,000 yen and 7,300,000 (about US$55,227 and US$48,573) for the Z [FCEV] and Z [HEV], respectively.

2024 Toyota Crown Luxury Sedan
2024 Toyota Crown Luxury Sedan
2024 Toyota Crown Luxury Sedan

Images: Toyota [JP].

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