2024 Toyota Crown Sport Z SUV

Before the reveal of the new Toyota Crown luxury sedan, the Crown welcomed a few other body types that are based on the same design language. There is the Crown Estate, the Crown Crossover, and the Crown Sport which is described as a “new sport type SUV form” that promises to bring “fun to drive” to everyone. I am not sure what’s everyone’s take but I thought it looked like the Lamborghini Urus.

2024 Toyota Crown Sport Z SUV

The Toyota Crown Sport Z revealed last month was a hybrid vehicle powered by a 2.5L Series Parallel Hybrid System. Next month (December), a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version will join the lineup and before the end of FY2024, the aforementioned Estate will be introduced too. 

Anyhoo, the all-new Sport SUV is designed to offer a captivating driving experience with a focus on aesthetics and performance. It features a striking design, an interior built for driver focus, and a range of color options. The Sport prioritizes ease of entry and exit and pays attention to detail, creating a comfortable and enjoyable cabin environment.

2024 Toyota Crown Sport Z SUV

With a focus on fun-oriented driving, it employs a specially tuned suspension system and advanced hybrid technology for a balance of performance and efficiency. Safety is a priority with advanced features included, and it also offers connected navigation support for convenience. The Sport model aims to cater to a wide range of customer preferences and lifestyles within the Toyota Crown series.

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Toyota Japan is taking orders for the new Toyota Crown Sport Z SUV which starts at 5,900,000 yen [JP] which works out to be around US$39,249 based on the current going rate.

Images: Toyota [JP].