Carvana As-Soon-As-Next-Day Vehicle Delivery

“Next-day-delivery” promised is a norm for virtually every products available online, but motor vehicles? Well, it exists too and it is available at Carvana, an e-commerce platform for buying and selling used cars.

Carvana has recently expanded this “as-soon-as-next-day” vehicle delivery to St. George, Utah residents. So, yeah, this “as-soon-as-next-day” vehicle delivery has been around for sometime now. If you don’t know it exists, well, now you do.

Carvana As-Soon-As-Next-Day Vehicle Delivery

Carvana users can shop from over 15,000 vehicles on and in little as 5 minutes, you can finance, buy, sell or trade your current vehicle and schedule for as-soon-as-next-day delivery.

Seriously, it takes quite some faith to be doing that, don’t you think? In case you are skeptical like I do, you can arrange for a traditional test drive, plus there’s a 7-day return policy to further sweeten the deal.

Carvana As-Soon-As-Next-Day Vehicle Delivery

If that’s not enough, every Carvana vehicle is Carvana Certified. Meaning, each car is put through a “rigorous 150-point inspection” to ensure it does not have frame damage and never had reported accident(s).

A list of features, imperfections – if any, and updated information about open safety recalls are also provided in the description page. I think this part should be “best to the organization knowledge,” no?

Carvana As-Soon-As-Next-Day Vehicle Delivery

With Utah, Carvana’s as-soon-as-next-day vehicle delivery is now available in 161 markets in the good’ol U.S. of A.

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Personally, I’d prefer the old school way of buying motor vehicles. Hell, I don’t even shop for clothes online. But hey, to each of his/her own. I guess this may appeal more to the e-generation. Maybe?

On a related news… if you prefer physical interactions, Carvana’s novel Car Vending Machine may be right up your alley. That’s right, folks. Car Vending Machine is also thing in the U.S. too… outside of China.

Images: Carvana.