Robotic Arm Smart Milk Tea Vending Machine: Robots Are Taking Over The Job Of Selling Boba Tea Too

Talk about robots taking over our jobs… now even milk tea aka boba tea is not spared from robotic takeover. China’s vending machine specialist, Guangzhou Aiwan Network Technology aka iPlaysmart, is now selling Robotic Arm Smart Milk Tea Vending Machine. It is a robot, alright, albeit not the kind we may have imagined.

Someone Created A Cooked Bacon Vending Machine, Becoming A Hero The World Needs

So, you think Captain Marvel is the hero that the world needs? Well, I say, bulls to that. We say Meghann Winters of The Ohio State University is the real hero her that the world needs. Why? Because, without her, there wouldn’t be a bacon vending machine. You heard that right. A bacon vending machine.

Lawson Inc. Testing Out Robot That Serves Up Freshly Fried Chicken

Discerning foodies will rather not eat food dispensed by a machine because of the questionable ‘freshness’. If you belong to the aforementioned category of foodie, then perhaps Lawson Karaage-kun Robot might just change your mind. Might. For the initiated, Karaage is fried chicken in Japanese and so yeah, this machine is a robot that whips …

Ford China’s Super Test Drive Vending Machine Opens For Business

Among the hundred and one ways to make people buy your cars is the good’ol test driving. If your car is good, a test drive will be able to prove its worth. But in a market as competitive as China, sometime a few minutes behind the wheel of a car maybe isn’t enough. That’s not …