It is no secret that Japan is a vending machine nation. In is the one country where you can buy pretty much anything from vending machines, which now includes edible insects.

You heard right. Insect snacks. They are for human consumption, btw, just in case anyone’s wondering…

According to a report from out of Japan, the machine is operated by Sasebo-based event management company, Art Studio Wao.

The company sells range of deep fried or dried crickets, grasshoppers, and other insects.

The machine, located in Michi-no-Eki Konchu no sato Tabira, in Nagasaki Prefecture town of Hirado, is the third insect snacks vending the company has rolled out.

The other two can be found in Sasebo and Omura in the prefecture.

All told, there are nine insects to satisfy your adventurous/curious palate. Each delicacy is bottled and refrigerated and sells for 600-1,000 yen (roughly US$5.50-US$9.20).

With these vending machines, eating insects has never been this convenient – that’s if you have a stomach for them.

Images and source: Mainichi.

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