While Volkswagen is still working on its mobile charging robot, Chinese clean energy company Envision has launched a green charging robot which it said will put into service in June this year.

The robot, called Mochi, works much like Volkswagen’s; when deployed in a locations Mochi will automatically find and charge electric vehicles, as opposed to electric vehicle drivers finding a fixed charging points.

Mochi operates on Envision Group’s EnOS intelligent operating system, which connects and manages over 200 Gigawatt of renewable energy assets globally. This provide Mochi with access to 100% green electricity, thus achieving a truly green ride for EVs.

Mochi is compatible with most mainstream EVs on the market. It is powered by Envision’s AESC vehicle-security-level batteries and boasts 70 kWh capacity, with a 42 kW power output. This means Mochi will be able to get a typical EV 600 km (373 mi) range with just 2 hours of charging.

The robot is compact and outfitted with precise location-sensing technology to enable it to come within centimeters of its target. Onboard sensors afford obstacle detection and enabling the robot to pull to a stop within 0.1 second from its top speed of 1 m/s (3.3 ft/s).

Mochi Electric Vehicle Charging Robot

Mochi will be a subscription-based service, enabled through a Mochi app. Here’s how it works:

“After receiving instruction, Mochi will set up a smart charging plan, locate the EV, and start charging independently. During charging, Envision’s EnOS system will conduct real-time monitoring on the EV battery, along with a comprehensive health examination to ensure its safety.”

Mochi Electric Vehicle Charging Robot is expected to commence operation in Shanghai this Summer. Thanks to the current political situation (read: one-sided super power struggle), I doubt it will reach U.S. shores. EU markets, perhaps. U.S. is definitely out of question. I could be wrong.

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Images: Envision Group.

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