The Star Wars fever is running all-time high and Google and the studios behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens is here to make sure it keeps it that way until the movie hits the big screen in a day or two, depending on where you are. How so? By letting you in on a free web browser-based game that turns your smartphone into a lightsaber, which you will use to take out the baddies on your desktop. Entitled Lightsaber Escape, this fantastically awesome game is live as we speaks and to play, all you have to do is to key in the unique URL provided on your desktop browser, or vice versa, and let the two platform syncs.

Lightsaber Escape Game by Google

Once initiated, your phone becomes your lightsaber, a Jedi’s obviously, and upon firing it up on your mobile device, a glowing blue lightsaber appears on the desktop. The sword will move as you swing your phone-turn-lightsaber around. There’s a short training session where you learn to repel the laser unleashed by a lone stormtrooper. After which, you graduate to battle the rest of Darth Vader’s cronies within what appears to be a Death Star. This brilliant interactive game leverages on WebGL for the 3D graphics, along with WebRTC and WebSocket to necessitate the communication between your mobile phone and the desktop.

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Lightsaber Escape is part of Chrome Experiment made in collaboration with Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic. Well, think we said enough. We suggests you give it go, even if you aren’t a Star Wars buff.

Lightsaber Escape Game by Google

Lightsaber Escape Game by Google

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