So, you think Captain Marvel is the hero that the world needs? Well, I say, bulls to that. We say Meghann Winters of The Ohio State University is the real hero her that the world needs. Why? Because, without her, there wouldn’t be a bacon vending machine. You heard that right. A bacon vending machine.

Long story short, the Ohio Pork Council’s employee was tasked to promote pork products and then the light bulb moment struck. The result? A unique vending that sells what no other vending sells: cooked bacon. However, the fact that the folks over at OSU is able to enjoy bacon whenever they desire was not a walk in the park.

Ohio State University Bacon Vending Machine
The hero and the machine.

In between the reality of exchanging your dollar for cooked bacon with a machine, there was a lot of work put into it. Winters did not create the machine from scratch, though; she started with a used vending and reconfigured it to enable it to dispense wholly different kind of packaging that cooked bacon came in.

That said, the bacon offered are, obviously, not cook-and-eat; they are pre-packaged stuff, but they are cooked bacon nevertheless. So, I guess the next logical step would be a robot that serves up bacon freshly cooked? Come on. It is not farfetched, isn’t it? I mean, Lawson in Japan already did with fried chicken and so, I am confident that freshly cooked bacon is doable. Ermmm, maybe?

Anyways, you know what they say, not all heroes wear capes. The Bacon Vending Machine is located at the Animal Sciences Building in OSU and so far, it has sort of became the star of the college with bacon flying off the (vending machine) shelves since its commissioning. Check out the full story HERE.

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Image: The Ohio State University.

Source: Neatorama.

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