Robotic Arm Smart Milk Tea Vending Machine

Talk about robots taking over our jobs… now even milk tea aka boba tea is not spared from robotic takeover. China’s vending machine specialist, Guangzhou Aiwan Network Technology aka iPlaysmart, is now selling Robotic Arm Smart Milk Tea Vending Machine. It is a robot, alright, albeit not the kind we may have imagined.

Robotic Arm Smart Milk Tea Vending Machine

Robotic Arm Smart Milk Tea Vending Machine is effectively a boba tea sale booth with a robotic arm taking charge of whipping up your milk tea order. The stall measure 1,587 mm long, 1,396 mm wide and stands 2,131 mm tall (5.2 x 4.6 x 7 feet).

It has a rated power of 750W and weighs just 220 kilograms. A 32-inch touch screen displays the menu and facilitates ordering, and it can be hooked up to accept cashless payment via WeChat, Alipay, iPlay payment system, or bills.

The machine features has fully automatic temperature control, automatic cleaning, and it is powered by Italian compressor.

Each machine has a capacity of 300 cups and when supplies run low, it will alert owner to restock via mobile messaging. Intelligent chips employed is able to automatically identify ingredients and tweak the taste of the beverage. Though how it really taste is not clear. I am not going to fly to China and have taste. Especially not in the midst of a pandemic.

Robotic Arm Smart Milk Tea Vending Machine

But hey, if you know it exists. Not only boba tea vending machine is a thing, but iPlaysmart is already selling it on The price per unit is US$28,800. The price will go down if you buy more units.

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Images: Alibaba (Guangzhou Aiwan Network Technology).