2 Kids Disguised As One Tall Person To Watch Black Panther

Two Kids Tried To Pay For A Ticket For Black Panther By Disguising Themselves As One Tall Person

We often seen in movies and TV shows on how two kids tried to disguise as a grown person by having one sitting on top of another and draping themselves over with an oversize trench coat. Kids in those movies/TV shows did it for various reasons, including trying to get into an adult-only party or to buy boozes, but in the case of Twitter user Pillsbury (@stevelikescups) and his friend, they did it just to see if they could pass off two person as one person to watch Marvel’s latest superhero flick, Black Panther at a local theater. Now, we all know how it ends.

As you can see for yourself in the video, the staff behind the ticketing counter is not having it. But looking at the ‘disguise’, that was expected. If only Pillsbury and his friends were a little shorter, like maybe half of what their current heights are, then maybe, just maybe, they could pull it off. Given their current heights, the “one person” turned out to be unusually tall which was enough to invite curious stares and suspicious. Plus, who the hell will wear trench coat to catch a movie??? Inspector Gadget, perhaps?

Then again, I bet Pillsbury and his friends weren’t expecting a pass either. It was just a good, harmless fun to see the staff’s reaction (we too had a good laughing watching the videos!). But if they did managed to pull it off, it would be bonus as they’d be getting two tickets for the price of one.

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Here’s the hilarious moment:

And here’s the entire video, costarring the theater employee:

All images and media by Pillsbury.

via Laughing Squid.