Limited Edition Lime Skittles Sweet Is Making a Comeback

Still feeling sour all these years since the death of the lime flavor Skittles in 2013? Well, the Mars’ brand of rainbow candies has news for you: your sour taste will not stop, but this time, you can bet your ass that the sour-ness will be that of lime. Yes. You heard it right. Skittles is resurrecting the lime flavor Skittles candy after much demand by diehard fans (really???), but apparently, only in Stateside. For the uninitiated, Skittles abruptly pull the plug on lime flavor candies after an apparent market research revealed that sour apple were in favor and since the taste is said to be almost identical to lemon, Skittles didn’t think it would have matter.

Well, as it turns out, their market research might have targeted at the wrong demographic because, after the untimely demise of the lime flavor, fans demand for its return and we heard there were even online campaigns in an effort to make the confectionery company bring back the taste of lime. I am not sure how many lobbied for its return, but their efforts sure have paid off. Returning as “Long Lost Lime,” the limited edition lime flavored Skittles will be hitting the shelves of select Walmart stores, along with with orange, lemon, grape and strawberry flavors.

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Now, the thing is, we are not quite sure how long the limited edition will be on the shelves. I mean, Skittles did say it is a limited edition candy and so, it is likely that it won’t be part of the regular lineup offered by the Mars’ brand. But why? I have absolutely no idea. A clever marketing move, perhaps? Speaking of marketing, Skittles have been making headlines of late with spicy Skittles and the controversial lose the rainbow candies that comes in a rather questionable white candies as opposed to the usual rainbow varieties.

Image and source: Highsnobiety.