Good News, Lime Heads. Lime-flavored Skittles Is Making A Comeback!

Still feeling sour all these years since the death of the lime flavor Skittles in 2013? Well, the Mars’ brand of rainbow candies has news for you: your sour taste will not stop, but this time, you can bet your ass that the sour-ness will be that of lime. Yes. You heard it right. Skittles […]

Skittles Removed The Rainbow, Goes White For Pride Month

What happens if you remove colors from something? Should colorless represented by white? This is kind of a mystery in life, but for Mars’ Skittles, they seem to think that removing the rainbow colors from the usual colorful sweets should result in white and hence the Skittles Limited Edition Fruit Sweets – in white, save […]

Weirdest Thing Today: Spicy Skittles And Also, Spicy Starbust

In what could be the weirdest news in the world of sweet confectionary… Skittles, a Mars’ brand under Wrigley Company, has introduced a new kind of Skittles that is, well, destined to be hot and when we say ‘hot’, do we do mean ‘spicy’. Yup. You heard that right. Spicy Skittles and Starburst is a […]