Skittles Limited Edition White Fruits Sweets

What happens if you remove colors from something? Should colorless represented by white? This is kind of a mystery in life, but for Mars’ Skittles, they seem to think that removing the rainbow colors from the usual colorful sweets should result in white and hence the Skittles Limited Edition Fruit Sweets – in white, save for a few the alphabet ’s’, which is in black, on each ‘colorless’ candy. But why the hell would a candy company who uses colors primarily as a way to draw kids removed colors? If you don’t already know, June is Pride Month, well, at least it is in the U.S and in the U.K. And if you don’t know what Pride Month is, it is a LGBT event of sort, celebrated by the Gay community in memory of those members who have been lost to hate crimes or HIV/AIDS.

Anyways, Skittles thought that this month, there’s only one rainbow that matters and therefore, the confectionary company decided to relinquish the colors, so to speak, in honor of Pride Month. This being the Internet age, expect the white treatment not to down well with everyone, whether or not they are for or against LGBT, because one key question remains: why white? If you ask me, that’s the ‘logical color’ if you removed all other colors, but like I said, not everyone buys this rationale. This is the first time in the history of this blog we have mentioned LGBT.

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In case you already don’t know, we are neither for or against any sexual orientation. We believe in the philosophy of be yourself. So, if you are gay, great, go ahead and live your life as you wish, but you certainly don’t need to make everyone kowtow to your belief (neither should others make you). Just like a woman and a man who are in love. If true love exists, the couple need no affirmation from any being. Period. Similarly, a couple shouldn’t worry about being judge for not walking down the aisle, or concern if the lady will be getting a big-ass diamond so sharply cut that it looks like it belongs to a CNC machine. Having said that, we ourselves question Skittles’ motives. Is it for political correctness? Or a marketing stun, or are they just being inclusive?

Like I have said, you don’t need to pronounce you are gay to be gay, and a company certainly don’t need to remove rainbow to show that they are inclusive. If an organization is genuinely inclusive they shouldn’t intentionally pull a ‘stun’ like this. Imho, by doing so, you are in fact drawing the line and inevitably make them even more exclusive than inclusive. Yes. Yes. It is Pride Month. I get it. Then, go ahead. Do a vigil for those who are lost and not with white candies.

In all seriousness, we want our rainbow back!

P.S. In case you are interested, Amazon is selling the Original Limited Edition White Skittles Fruits White imported from the U.K. for $14.99. And yes, Skittles did pull off white skittles candies last year for London Pride. So, this isn’t the first and it won’t be the last.

Image and source: Bored Panda.