If you run an online business of any kind, you’ll know that your company website or blog is your most valuable resource. It is the place where customers buy from you, learn about your value proposition, and engage with your messaging. It is also the place where you must make a valuable first impression on your website’s visitors and convert those leads into paying customers.

This is where the landing page comes in. Your landing page is where your site visitors will “land” upon clicking on your site. It is the one place where you can convince them quickly that you have something to offer them, which is why it is so important to get it right. To do exactly that, take some inspiration from these killer landing pages.


One of the world’s most popular and successful VPN services, ExpressVPN clearly has form when it comes to converting site visitors into customers.

Part of its success is undoubtedly due to its absolutely flawless landing page, which sets out its value proposition instantly with the powerful tagline “the VPN that just works”. From here, the landing page directs the user’s eyes downwards, with a sparse, minimalist design that sets out everything that makes their product great in just a few bullet points.

ExpressVPN has mastered the lead conversion journey with its landing page, beginning by telling the user the problems that the product aims to solve, followed by the benefits of this particular product over competitors.

From here, the landing pages launch into stats that prove its popularity around the globe, followed by a concise call-to-action that invites the user to see what all the fuss is about. For us, this is a landing page that everyone should be inspired by.

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Mr Green

Mr Green is a Sweden-based online casino that offers slots, table games, and live online casino games to players around the world. For us, the eye-catching Mr Green online casino landing page has all of the elements of a winning website.

The page cuts straight to the chase, outlining that new users can instantly access a $1200 bonus to spend on Mr Green games.

We loved that the landing page immediately highlights the massive array of industry awards that it has received over the years, making a powerful statement on the superiority of its product over competitors.

From here, the page takes to the user on a deep dive through the product, with punchy bullet points explaining why you should sign up, the full range of games on offer, the site’s security credentials, and the company’s ethical commitments. This is a landing page that is all about the art of persuasion.  


Highly technical B2B service providers can also have a gripping and compelling landing page. This is certainly the case with the fleet management service Nauto, which helps freight companies improve driver safety.

Nauto keeps things easy to understand and starts off by zeroing in on what its target customer cares about – the bottom line. The tagline throws in a memorable statistic from the get-go, explaining that its service will automatically save you 35% on insurance costs.

For us, what really makes the Nauto landing page stand out is the parallel live form on the side of the page, which offers visitors an instant way to sign-up for the service as they read about what Nauto can do for them. This is an example of a short and sweet landing page that still gets the job done with less.

If you follow the design principles of these 10/10 landing pages, you will stand a better chance of converting leads into lifelong customers.

Featured image: Unsplash (Igor Miske).

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