You know the urban saying of when “shit hits the fan”? Well, the following video of a windstorm giving a couple of porta-potty a lift into the air needs no fan to get the shit going, turning an otherwise fun event into a literal shitty event. In the video posted on YouTube, a crazy shit windstorm sends a pair of portable restroom set up for an event flying into the air.

Windstorm Sends Porta-Potties Flying

To no surprise, the porta-potties began spewing human excrement (ya’ know, piss and all) in all direction they took to the sky. In the video, you can see folks on ground zero frantically taking cover – all except for one heroic person: the camera person who made it possible for us to witness the unfortunate event as it unfolds. Now, that’s one event that one will never ever forgets.

It reminds of an incident happened years ago when shit rained on someone’s backyard, turning a girl’s Sweet 16 into a smelly 16 birthday party. Skip ahead for the video. If you are here for the shit storm, it is between the 0:00 to 0:30. The rest of the video is just the wind storm continuing to give the people a hell of time after the portable restroom called it a quit.

Image: YouTube.

Animated GIF and source: Laughing Squid.

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