We have seen many credit card-size multi-tool, but hardly one that is good for causal and pro users. When I said “pro users,” I meant to say designers, engineers, technicians and the like. That is why when the SmartRuler Creative Design Multi-tool pops up in our Facebook Page inbox, we are intrigued. To cut long story short, SmartRuler is a credit card size multitool for measuring, designing, engineering and, well, everyday living.

SmartRuler Creative Design Multi-tool

It might be small, but the number functions is quite out-of-this-world. Three models are available; each differing in material and functionalities. There is an aluminum model, a hardened steel version and a titanium variety. Instead of blabbing about it features like a sly marketer (which I am not, btw), here’s the list of its features:

1. Inch ruler
2. Metric ruler
3. Protractor
4. Metric compass
5. Inch compass
6. Circle templates
7. Bottle opener
8. Headphones organizer
9. Smartphone stand
10. 1/4-inch hex bit driver
11. L square
12. Quick angle (30/45/60/90-degree)
13. Quick parallel lines
14. Exact protractor (1/3-degree scale)
15. Radian protractor
16. Plumb-bob
17. Thickness gauge
18. Screwdriver
19. Drill diameter gauge
20. Box opener
21. Hex wrenches

SmartRuler Creative Design Multi-tool

Granted, the list above is compounded from all three versions, but 1-17 alone is what the aluminum model has to offer which is, in itself, quick mind-blowing. You can learn more about the SmartRuler Creative Design Multi-tool on the product’s ongoing Kickstarter campaign. SmartRuler Creative Design Multi-tool is a follow up to the company’s first Credit Card EDC Multi-tool which had us all smitten. The campaign’s goal of $5K has been breached and so, the product is a go.

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If you desire, a pledge of $13-31 will secure yourself one, destined for October 2018 delivery. Go ahead. Check it out. Skip ahead for the product video.

SmartRuler Creative Design Multi-tool

SmartRuler Creative Design Multi-tool

All images courtesy of MRF Multitools.

Submitted via Mikeshouts’ Facebook Page.

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