Finally, There’s A Credit Card-Size Multi-Tool That Is Fit For Engineers!

We have seen many credit card-size multi-tool, but hardly one that is good for causal and pro users. When I said “pro users,” I meant to say designers, engineers, technicians and the like. That is why when the SmartRuler Creative Design Multi-tool pops up in our Facebook Page inbox, we are intrigued. To cut long […]

This New Age Take Of Credit Card Multi-tool Gives You Over 60 Functionalities

Card size multi-tool is not new. In fact, it existed since when I was in my teen. I had one, inherited from my dad. But the credit card EDC multi-tool you see here, called Universal 3.0, is somewhat unique because it packs over 60 functionalities and it can even be extended to improve its usability. […]