Wide Load TP 500 Foot Roll + Box

How often were you caught out of toilet paper at, say, a tailgate party, a camping trip, or a work site? I would imagine quite often. The solution is simple. You can split the TP into single-ply TPs or you could just buy stacks and stacks of toilet rolls and stuff it in your truck or minivan. Easy peasy. Or you could save the hassle by going big, like really, really big, and in the process not triggering a panic TP buying among your neighbors and fellow shoppers with this: Wide Load TP.

Wide Load TP 500 Foot Roll + Box
Ain’t need no holder!

Wide Load TP is an 8-inch by 8-inch (20 by 20 cm), 500-foot (or about 152 meters) roll of toilet paper that can potentially last you for months on end. This thing really is of gigantic proportion! It comes in a box form which will less likely trigger panic buying among your neighbors since the enormous rolls are tucked inside the box. Also as a boon. It does not require a toilet roll holder; the box itself is the holder.

Of course, you can choose to use an oversized toilet holder if so choose to. But if you don’t, accessing it is easy too. It opens from the top and the paper is pulled from the center much like facial tissue. And the paper is, of course, safe for toilets and septic tanks. That said, it is perfect for home as it is for camping sites, porta-potties, shops, and even RVs.

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Wide Load TP 500 Foot Roll + Box

The Wide Load TP is available in Wide Load TP 500 Foot Roll + Box on WideLoadTP.com for US$19.50 and as a 2-pack for US$35 on Amazon.com.

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Wide Load TP 500 Foot Roll + Box
The size in context.

Images: Wide Load TP.

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