Custom Desk With Circuit Boards in Resin

Transparent gadgets are super geeky and so are skins that make your phone look like it is transparent. But you know what’s geekier? A desk with a bunch of printed circuit boards sealed in transparent resin such as this custom desk made by YouTuber buildxyz.

Custom Desk With Circuit Boards in Resin

This one-of-a-kind table top is handcrafted from baltic birch plywood and walnut and features a recess that would be the “graveyard” of some printed circuit boards (PCBs) from various electronics, including Nintendo Entertainment System (ouch!).

Alongside the “dead” electronics is a working Apple MagSafe wireless charger and peripheral mood lighting which can be adjusted. There is even a wooden coaster embedded in it. Save for the exposed wood surface that serves as a coaster, the rest of the electronics, dead and alive, are permanently sealed in a clear resin.

Custom Desk With Circuit Boards in Resin

The LED light has a timer that is set to turn on and off so buildxyz when to take a break or get off work without looking at the clock. And yes, the LED strip light appears to be sealed in which means if it is dead, it is dead. I don’t believe you can switch out the dead LED strip light in such a scenario.

Anyhoo, completing the setup is an under-desk computer shelf, a drawer, and a cable management system, and it is affixed to a Progressive Desk solo riser desk frame. Very cool build. Skip ahead for the build video.

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Images: YouTube (buildxyz).

via Technabob.