Whether or not you are a geek, you may find transparent gadgets have a, strange, mysterious draw to them. It is perhaps because of this strange magnetism for see-through products that dbrand x JerryRigEverything Teardown Skins exists.

Gallery of Transparent Gadgets

Needless to say, I am one of those who are drawn to all-thing clear and because of that, I am drawn to an image gallery of a collection of transparent gadgets posted by Computer Love Records on its Facebook page.

Up until before I saw this gallery, I never knew there was a clear version of Polaroid 660 which, btw, is crazy cool! Unfortunately, though, not every gadget that has a transparent version was for sale.

Gallery of Transparent Gadgets

Apparently, some were pre-production prototypes intentionally housed in a clear exterior for development purposes.

Of course, there were transparent gizmos intended for consumers too. We have seen quite a handful, including the transparent Firefox Phone, the Mi 8 Explorer Edition smartphone, and more recently, the Nothing ear (1), the Sharge Power Bank, and my personal favorite: the Bell & Ross BR 01 CyberSkull Sapphire Only Watch.

Gallery of Transparent Gadgets

Featured image via Technabob.

Images: Facebook (@ComputerLoveRecords).

Hat tip: Technabob.

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