finding your desktop a little cluttered for your liking? how about getting rid of your mouse and starting using your iPhone as the pointing device instead? with the MAUZ (and an accompanying app, obviously) you can do just that and more. in fact, it will beat the traditional mouse hundred times over. the MAUZ (pronounced as ‘mouse’) plugs into your iPhone 4/4S or 5 and harness the power of your iDevice that will allow functionality we have yet seen in any traditional mouse or any input device for that matter. apart from the usual left/right clicks and full scroll wheel of a typical mouse, it can also be used as a TouchPad (or TrackPad) if you wishes to and there’s even an option for motion gestures where you can control your computer Wii-style. choose from the predefined gestures for popular applications or defined your own and with the motion gestures and gain control over the Z-axis for 3D applications, the choice is yours.

another brilliant features would be its visual gestures control that let you execute computer commands, Minority Report-style. the visual gestures utilizes the device’s front-facing camera to track your hand movement and translates them into commands on your computer such as switching between browser tabs. how awesome can that get? the MAUZ is at the production-ready stage and the team behind it (i.e. Spicebox) has taken this ‘one device to rule them all’ to crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter to seek your support to roll this off the production line. with a pledge of $45 or more, you will secured yourself a MAUZ, ready to ship in June and August for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5, respectively. of course, that’s assuming that the project meets the minimal funding goal of $150,000. so if you are all for the Minority Report– or Wii-style control on your computer, then go head and show your support for these guys. scroll down for a pledge video to learn more and scroll down further for a short clip to see the MAUZ in action (it’s a bit rough for now but it should be straighten out by the time it ships).

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