these days, we are bombarded by tsunami after tsunami of iDevice accessories and to be honest, we are pretty much numb by them. therefore, we hardly take a look at the accessories – cases in particular – until one excellent example crosses our path. the TANK Aluminum Case for iPad by Andrea Ponti of Ponti Design Studio is one such awesome example that definitely has our attention. its fundamental function is to ensure your iPad is protected against possible shock, pressure and daily wear and tear, while having an aesthetic that goes hand-in-hand with your Apple products. instead of the usual leather (faux or genuine) or plastic material, Ponti chose to go with aluminum and ABS for the TANK. the case composes of two aluminum shells, held together by an ABS clasp that allows the top (which is the cover) to rotate 360 degrees and fold completely behind the iPad. the other halve, which is the bottom shell, fits your iPad and is internally lined with an ultrathin polymeric membrane that prevent scratches to your iPad when the two metal meets. additionally, the cover features a 1.25mm raised cross pattern designed (sort of like an debossed pattern) that gives the cover added rigidity which helps to protect your iPad against pressure and this cover will, of course, also protects the display from scratches and damages in the event of accidental drops. by employing a clasp-style design with a rotatable top shell, Ponti has given you four ways of using your iPad: for reading, movie, FaceTime or Skype, and for typing – simply by manipulating the cover. though pretty and functional, the TANK Aluminum Case for iPad doesn’t come cheap: it will set you back at a good 100 bucks for one. scroll down for a few more imageries of the TANK.

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