the world lacks of a lot things but you can be assured that iPhone case isn’t one of them (heck, they even have Hello Kitty-shaped case for iPhone. so you can imagine). as long you have the cash, you can have as many iPhone cases as you want. that being said, when there are more of something, chances are, the sucky bunch reins. lucky for us – the style-obsessed folks – there are still companies who believe in form and function, and the Twelve South SurfacePad for iPhone happens to be a product of one such firm that still cares about the stylish movement while in the business of accessorizing and protecting your iDevice. we don’t want to lie to you. the SurfacePad’s nappa-leather cover will not take a bullet for you but it will shield your iPhone from everyday hazards such as threat from your keys and other small invasive objects that it is sharing the space with and it is designed to double up as a handy stand for you to go handsfree with your iDevice. it does all of that without bulking up or adding heft to your sleek iPhone and of course, stylishness comes as standard from this minimalist nappa-leather case. available in three colors: red pop, modern white, and jet black for $34.99 a pop. check out a few more look and a techno-psyched up product video below.


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