Amazon Glow Is A High-tech Projection Device With Sensing Technology That Will Make Kids’ Learning Fun

Computers, tablets, and smartphones are devices the young use to learn new knowledge. But having more screen time isn’t the best of ideas. This is where Amazon Glow comes in.

iMotion 3D Motion Controller

still “haunted” by the gesture-based control depicted in the movie Minority Report after all these years? then we have good news for you: it is a reality now. the iMotion 3D Motion Controller is a huge step towards John Anderton’s ‘magical’ gloves that allows him to manipulate what’s on the display

MAUZ turns your iPhone into a mouse and more

finding your desktop a little cluttered for your liking? how about getting rid of your mouse and starting using your iPhone as the pointing device instead? with the MAUZ (and an accompanying app, obviously) you can do just that and more. in fact, it will beat the traditional mouse hundred times over.