if after all these years you still “haunted” by the gesture-based control depicted in the movie Minority Report, then we have good news for you: it is a reality now. the iMotion 3D Motion Controller is a huge step towards John Anderton’s ‘magical’ gloves that allows him to manipulate what’s on the display, though it will not be as ‘symphonic’ as what the sci-fi had suggested. still, it’s a step towards that direction and most importantly, it will be something you can own right now. its creator, Intellect Motion, claims that they have developed a revolutionary way that will allow 3D motion control with pinpoint accuracy. the device will works with virtually any webcam-equipped computer that’s controlled by a mouse and a keyboard, and across multiple platforms including Mac, Windows-based PC, as well as Linux.

this Iron Man repulsor lookalike hardware (albeit with three LED instead of one deadly “repulsor”) functions with a middleware from Intellect Motion, allowing you to play any games and interact with 3D applications to manipulate 3D objects with great degree of accuracy. a feature known as airtouch, provides haptic feedback to your hands so you can “feel” the virtual objects inside a game or application. also built into the iMotion 3D Motion Controller are a gyroscope and accelerometer to ensure usability at any angle and high level of accuracy. the iMotion 3D Motion Controller has past the prototyping and R&D stages and it is looking at 100K to fund the integration of the product across all the targeted platforms, as well as for rolling them out of the production line. if all goes well, early backers can expect the product to reach them in early 2014.

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and the price for that to happen? just $59 for one (or $69, if you missed the second batch of early bird pack). however, for it to achieve the sci-fi like manipulation, it is better to have two of these devices, for which you will be looking at $117 for a pair (or $137, if the second wave of early bird action pack runs out). check out a pitch video below to learn more.

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