the truth is, we can never be satisfied with the battery life of iPhone. if no one ever calls you and you do nothing with it (why do you have a phone anyway?), you probably would get a couple of weeks out of it. use it just for email? you’d get about a week or so but if you throw in Twitter feeds, firing off endless text messages and ranting about how bitch your life was to your best friend who probably don’t even read them, plus a bunch of other games to keep you occupy while in those long, boring commute, then we’d say the battery is going die so quickly that you’d thought it is already end of the day. no, bro. it is not. it is just lunch time. simply put: even with the iPhone 5, the battery life ain’t getting any better – at least not enough to let you get the most out of this awesome device. this where the Mophie Juice Pack Helium for iPhone 5 could prove to be a life saver. not only does it offers protection to your lovely iDevice in an ultra-thin (13 percent thinner than any of Mophie juice pack for iPhone) battery case, its built-in 1,500 mAh gives your iPhone 5 80 percent battery life to get through your day without having to hunt for an outlet. other goodies include an enhanced forward-ported acoustics that redirects the audio towards you, USB charging that juices up the pack and your iPhone and a set of LED indicator to keep you in the know of your phone’s battery status so you know when exactly to hit switch to let the standby juice flows. you can pre-order the Mophie Juice Pack Helium for iPhone 5 for $79.95 a pop. available in dark metallic and silver metallic. check out the product clip in the embedded video below.

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