try as we might but we still can’t truly streamline what we bring out with us for say, a short run to the convenience stores. it is always a wallet (however minimalist it is) and our trusty iPhone. still, they are two items to carry along which might proves to be quite an inconvenience if we don’t have a bag or pockets to stuff them away (we love to keep our hands free). the solution? Wally The iPhone Wallet by Distil Union. it is a minimalist, stick-on leather pocket that adheres to your iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5 via micro suction. basically, that’s all to it. but wait. don’t they already have similar products in the market? yeah. you bet they do but this little guy stands from the crowd by being handcrafted in Florida (yeap, in the USA) from Italy-sourced vegetable tanned leather, and there’s more. it features a nifty pull tab built into the card pocket that lets you retrieve your cards with ease, so you can save yourself from those awkward digging (of cards). honestly, we are totally impressed by that little red pull tab. it kind of adds some character to an otherwise plain iPhone wallet. Wally The iPhone Wallet is currently on Kickstarter and it can be yours for a pledge of $40 or more with a choice of Cowboy Brown (our choice, definitely) and Ninja Black for both iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. scroll down for a sleek, narrated pledge video below.

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